Digital Integrated Circuits solution manual by Rabaey pdf free download

Digital Integrated Circuits solution manual by Rabaey pdf free download


Digital Integrated Circuits solution manual by Rabaey pdf free download.

Progressive in content and form, this practical book successfully bridges the gap between the circuit perspective and system perspective of digital integrated circuit design. Digital Integrated Circuits maintains a consistent, logical flow of subject matter throughout. Addresses today’s most significant and compelling industry topics, including: the impact of interconnect, design for low power, issues in timing and clocking, design methodologies, and the tremendous effect of design automation on the digital design perspective. For readers interested in digital circuit design.

I had this book for both my Undergraduate and graduate level VLSI Design classes. I cant think of other book that would make a perfect course textbook to learn ‘Digital’ Integrated Circuit (DIC) design. The book starts with device concepts to give you a good understanding the physics behind CMOS technology. Then it introduces the basics of CMOS circuits (inverter analysis) and covers the aspects of digital integrated design such as parastic analysis, logic families, memories, timing and complex architectures etc… The real world design, challenges and technologies are also given in the book through articles, discussions, problems and examples. It gives a good background and teaches the concepts so a designer would be able to choose a correct design paramaters, logic/arch. family and targets such as power/performance/noise/area.

The book does not go deep in to each subject since its intention is intro/intermediate. Also this book is not for serious circuit designers but its a start book to make one. Its the book to learn and broaden your knowledge on designing custom and high performace circuits.. The cons of this book would be that its not a user friendly at the beginning for a fresh starter but it will welcome and get you going pretty quick once you get the style of the author. I would recommend the Uyemura’s book (CMOS Logic Design) for uncovered and extra examples to complete this book. And if you are looking more to designing complex high performance circuits, Chandrakasan’s book (Design of High-Performance Microprocessor Circuits) would be the one.


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