Electricity 1: Devices, Circuits and Materials by Thomas Kubala pdf free download

Electricity 1: Devices, Circuits and Materials by Thomas Kubala pdf free download


Electricity 1: Devices, Circuits and Materials by Thomas Kubala pdf free download.

Designed to help you learn fundamental electrical concepts and explore their practical applications, this trusted book provides a solid foundation in electron theory and movement, direct-current series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, voltage line drops, rotating machinery fundamentals, and more. ELECTRICITY 1: DEVICES, CIRCUITS AND MATERIALS, Tenth Edition, maintains the user-friendly style and proven approach that are so effective, all while incorporating new material and updates based on the 2011 National Electrical Code. Featuring current industry terminology, photographs of commonly used electrical equipment, and sample problems with solutions, this convenient, affordable book is an ideal choice for anyone interested in mastering basic electricity, house wiring, or commercial installations.


1. Introduction. 2. Electron Theory and Ohm’s Law. 3. Series Circuits. 4. Parallel Circuits. 5. Series-Parallel Circuits. 6. Electrical Energy and Power. 7. Batteries. 8. Electrical Conductors and Wire Sizes. 9. Voltage Drop Across Conductors. 10. Summary Review of Units 1-9. 11. Magnets and Magnetic Fields. 12. Electromagnetism. 13. Generation of Electromotive Force. 14. Direct-Current Motor Principles. 15. Summary Review of Units 11-14. 16. Typical Bell Circuits. 17. Switch Control of Lighting Circuits. 18. Wiring Materials. 19. Remote Control Systems for Lighting Circuits. 20. Summary Review of Units 16-19.

About the Author

Thomas Kubala, Ed.D, received his A.A.S. in electrical technology from Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York, his B.S. in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and his M.S. in vocational technical education from the State University of New York at Oswego. He earned his doctoral degree in education from the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to his retirement, Dr. Kubala was a full-time faculty member at two community colleges and a department head supervising a vocational-technical program. In addition to his extensive background in technology education, Dr. Kubala’s career includes industrial experience with responsibilities in the fields of aerodynamics and electrical drafting, design, testing, and evaluation.


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