Troubleshooting Process Operations by Lieberman, Norman P. pdf free download

Troubleshooting Process Operations by Lieberman, Norman P. pdf free download


Drawing on his passion, training, and experience, Lieberman presents problems and troubleshooting techniques that are associated with specific processes, systems, and equipment, leading novice and practiced troubleshooters alike to the crux of malfunctions and failures. The fourth edition updates troubleshooting and design techniques, and adds seven new chapters with information on turbines, motors, heat exchangers, and environmentally friendly operations. Norm Lieberman sprinkles his troubleshooting guide with insightful and humorous anecdotes from 45 years in the petrochemical and refining industry.


* Nitty-gritty descriptions of common refinery and chemical plant problems and the diagnostic field observations, experiments, and calculations that reveal their origin

* Troubleshooting checklists and references following each chapter

* Practical advice for optimizing interactions with key plant operations personnel

Norm Lieberman is one of the best engineers I have ever read. He is able to bring concepts to life that one would not understand without years of experience and suffering the agonies of having gone through many start-ups. The book is very factual and more cased based but is not like his absolutely must read book on the “Process Design for Reliable Operations” but it does supplement that volume.

Norm Lieberman has done it again. I’ve bought two other titles from him over the past year (Working Guide to Process Equipment &Troubleshooting Process Plant Control) and neither have disappointed. As a graduate process engineer these books helped me breach the gap between the theoretical concepts at university and the practical realities that greet you once you start work.

This is a practical guide for both new and experienced troubleshooters alike. Lieberman removes most of the fat associated with troubleshooting publications and endeavours to assist the reader to reach the crux of most refining problems with a pinch of chemical engineering humour to boot.

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