Me without you by Lisa Swerling; Ralph Lazar pdf free download

Me without you by Lisa Swerling; Ralph Lazar pdf free download


Me without you by Lisa Swerling; Ralph Lazar pdf free download.

Looking for the perfect way to say I love you to a special someone? From famed illustrators Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, the New York Times bestselling book Me Without You features countless cute color illustrations of scenarios that are simply incomplete without two. A uniquely charming gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just because, readers will find themselves dipping into this beguiling book again and again.

I got this for my wife as a gift on Valentine’s Day (though not all she got). It was very cute and she enjoyed it even more than I expected. I guess it’s basically formatted like a children’s book, but cute. It begins with “Me without you is like…”, the next page is “… sky without blue”, and then every following page has some other little rhyming comparison, such as “hair without do”, “ghost without boo”, “kung without fu”, etc., and just keeps going on and on like that for every page, each with a little illustration.

I bought this book for my boyfriend for Valentines day. Its really long and my favorite references were the Doctor Who ones and the Harry Potter ones! Its just a really cute and simple way to say when we’re not together I’m not complete!
This is a great little book that works as a perfect gift or reminder to tell someone you care about them. The illustrations are cute and every page rhymes. I gave it as a gift to my girlfriend and she loves it. It’s something we’ll keep out, lying around for a quick glance when we need a pick me up.
Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar are best known for their cartoon lines Harold’s Planet and Vimrod. Their greeting cards have sold in the millions. They live with their children in Marin County, California.


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