Antigone by Sophocles pdf free download

Antigone by Sophocles pdf free download


The curse placed on Oedipus lingers and haunts a younger generation in this new and brilliant translation of Sophocles’ classic drama. The daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, Antigone is an unconventional heroine who pits her beliefs against the King of Thebes in a bloody test of wills that leaves few unharmed. Emotions fly as she challenges the king for the right to bury her own brother. Determined but doomed, Antigone shows her inner strength throughout the play.

Antigone raises issues of law and morality that are just as relevant today as they were more than two thousand years ago. Whether this is your first reading or your twentieth, Antigone will move you as few pieces of literature can.

To make this quintessential Greek drama more accessible to the modern reader, the Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Classics edition of Antigone includes a glossary of difficult terms, a list of vocabulary words, and convenient sidebar notes.

I downloaded this book for my 10th grade English students to read. The language is understandable, but offers some challenging words to use for vocabulary purposes. The sidebar information is informative and helpful. The introductory information about the play itself, Greek mythology and Greek tragedy gives the students good background information. The book explains what a “classic” is and why classics are important. Finally, it gives the students what themes and conflicts to look for.

This edition of the second in the Oedipus trilogy is a MUST for all high school English teachers working with the new 9th grade core curriculum. It has masterful notes and a summary of Sophocles’ first play in the trilogy for reluctant students unfamiliar with Oedipus’ story. Teachers, you will be thrilled working with this edition. I can also recommend it for anyone who wants to becone familiar with this classic on one’s own.

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