Augustine’s Laws by Norman R. Augustine pdf free download

Augustine's Laws by Norman R. Augustine pdf free download


A top chief executive looks at the complexities and conundrums of today’s business management and offers solutions. Augustine sets forth 52 laws that cover every area of business in an entertaining, informative manner.

I would not have ever expected to find myself laughing out loud, nor even smiling often while reading a book that discusses government projects and corporations who contract them. Norman Augustine provides a clear and critical insight into the corporate-government affairs world with just enough graphs and charts to make it comprehensible yet not overbearing. I found it as light reading – which is a virtue on it’s own when reading about such complex a subject.
Norm Augustine has captured the government defense aerospace industry “sprawling on a pin” for dissection. In one particularly humorous bit he points out that just when the aerospace industry’s trend to more and more expensive combat aircraft looked like it might be stalled since adding weight is anathema to aircraft — along came something expensive and weightless to fill the gap — software! This is one terrific book! Just the figure showing there is no correlation between what executives are paid and the performance of their companies is worth the price of admission.
Accurate, Funny, and informative. This book captures the real (and not so real) world of government and other large projects spot on. Having been on both sides (NASA and contractor), there be truth in this wit. Enjoy. To be appreciated, best read while sitting on a $600 toilet seat.
This is a great tongue in cheek look at the aerospace and defense industry. Anyone that has spent even a few months supporting the DoD, large contractors, and aerospace companies will appreciate this book. Each chapter has a law and is written around explaining that law. While it is humorous it is also a little scary how accurate it is. This is one of my favorite books and I quote it often!
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<< Augustine’s Laws >>

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