Genetics: A Conceptual Approach by Benjamin Pierce pdf free download

Genetics: A Conceptual Approach by Benjamin Pierce pdf free download


With Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, Ben Pierce brings a master teacher’s experiences to the introductory genetics textbook, clarifying this complex subject by focusing on the big picture of genetics concepts and how those concepts connect to one another.

The new edition features Pierce’s signature writing style, relevant applications, student-friendly art, and emphasis on problem-solving, while incorporating the latest trends in genetics research. The new edition text and LaunchPad media work closely together for a seamless experience for both instructors and students.

What’s in the LaunchPad
This book explains concepts very well. It’s almost like having the professor there with you. ( Of course, There were times when I would have to reread certain sections slowly- I am a fast reader- however if you take your time and read this book carefully the information will become clearer each time) . If you are taking genetics, I would suggest purchasing/ renting this book. They also have a solutions manual which has the answers to the end of chapter questions! My professor used questions very similar to the end of chapter questions!
Easy to comprehend and very helpful in class. Gives all information needed to get a great grade in your class and can serve as a reference for more than just Genetics. Easy read. Very helpful real-world discussions as well within most, if not all, chapters. Would recommend this book to anyone who needs reference on Genetics.
Great book. I learned so much out of this textbook and I will be reading it over and over to keep the information fresh. Helps with some stuff I do at my job.
Great textbook. In excellent condition upon download.

It helped me a lot in my college work.

Very good download.

Format: PDF

Size: 23.92 MB


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