Handbook of Corrosion Engineering by Pierre R. Roberge pdf free download

Handbook of Corrosion Engineering by Pierre R. Roberge pdf free download


Handbook of Corrosion Engineering by Pierre R. Roberge pdf free download.


Fully revised throughout, Handbook of Corrosion Engineering, Second Edition discusses the latest advances in corrosion-resistant materials, methods, and protective coatings. This comprehensive resource covers all aspects of corrosion damage, including detection, monitoring, prevention, and control. Written by a world-renowned expert on the subject, the book helps you to select materials and resolve design issues where corrosion is considered a factor. Understand, predict, evaluate, mitigate, and correct corrosion problems with help from this authoritative guide.

Coverage includes:

  • Aqueous corrosion
  • High-temperature corrosion
  • Atmospheric, water, seawater, soil, concrete, and microbial environments
  • Modeling, life prediction, and computer applications
  • Identifying and inspecting corrosion failures
  • Corrosion maintenance through inspection and monitoring
  • Corrosion testing
  • Selection and design of engineering materials
  • Protective coatings and corrosion inhibitors
  • Cathodic and anodic protection

About the Author

Pierre R. Roberge, Ph.D., has worked as a research scientist for different industries on subjects related to the performance of materials in service or to the production of energy with electrochemical power sources (fuel cells, batteries). He is currently a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada where he teaches courses in materials engineering, corrosion engineering, and electrochemical power sources. Dr. Roberge is the author or co-author of 98 scientific publications in journals and books as well as 160 papers in conference proceedings. He is the author of Corrosion Engineering; Principles and Practice, Erosion-Corrosion Testing, and other books. Dr. Roberge is a distinguished member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers’ National Press Council.

Handbook of corrosion enginneering is an excellent peice of work by Pierre R Roberge. This covers almost the entire gamut of the subject in very good details and the explanations are very lucid. The texts are supported by excellent diagrams and photographs. A must book for all practicing corrosion engineers.

Format: PDF

Size: 8.858 MB


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