In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups and Teams by J. Dan Rothwell pdf free download

In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups and Teams by J. Dan Rothwell pdf free download


The market leader for the small group communication course, Rothwell’s IN MIXED COMPANY offers students a combination of theory and application, enabling them to apply small group communication concepts not only in class but in their own lives. The text follows the central unifying theme of cooperation, and the communication competence model continues to guide discussions of key small group concepts and processes. The inclusion of systems theory remains a key theoretical component of the text, and the unique focus on power in groups continues to be addressed throughout the text. To encourage critical thinking, the eighth edition has captions to accompany photos and illustrations, and it also offers interactive quizzes related to the visuals.


“I think this is the best small groups text in the market. . . . It has excellent topical coverage. It is particularly good in its coverage of decision making. It uses clear examples to illustrate points.”

“This is a very accessible book for undergraduates . . . It compliments my approach to teaching the course because it provides practical examples that relate to students’ lives. Further, it covers just about every topic that could be important to group communication dynamics. So, it is very thorough.”

“This book does a great job of exposing the reader to a variety of issues in meaningful and understandable ways. It gives instructors a lot of leeway in how contents can be explored in the classroom and in assignments. It really meets with my goals of giving a comprehensive and applied exposure to small group communication.”

I really enjoy this book, it’s very simple to follow. It provides you with terms, definitons and examples. It also has photos, for you to visually see certain concepts. It’s very fun to read and you’ll learn a lot! I would recommend this!! I wish many other book’s were this fun to read!
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