Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties by Abhijit Y. Dandekar pdf free download

Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties by Abhijit Y. Dandekar pdf free download


Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties by Abhijit Y. Dandekar pdf free download.

A strong foundation in reservoir rock and fluid properties is the backbone of almost all the activities in the petroleum industry. Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties offers a reliable representation of fundamental concepts and practical aspects that encompass this vast subject area.

The book provides up-to-date coverage of various rock and fluid properties using derivations, mathematical expressions, and various laboratory measurement techniques. Focused on achieving accurate and reliable data, it describes coring methods used for extracting samples from hydrocarbon formations and considerations for handling samples for conventional and special core analyses.

Detailing properties important to reservoir engineering and surface processing, the author emphasizes basic chemical and physical aspects of petroleum reservoir fluids, important phase behavior concepts, fluid sampling, compositional analysis, and assessing the validity of collected fluid samples. The book also presents PVT equipment, phase behavior analysis using laboratory tests, and calculations to elucidate a wide range of properties, such as hydrocarbon vapor liquid equilibria using commonly employed equations-of-state (EOS) models.

Covering both theoretical and practical aspects that facilitate the solution of problems encountered in real life situations, Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties is ideal for students in petroleum engineering, including those coming from different backgrounds in engineering. This book is also a valuable reference for chemical engineers diversifying into petroleum engineering and personnel engaged in core analysis, and PVT and reservoir fluid studies.


An absolutely first-class piece of writing…a very full and solid work that is bound to stand as a reliable textbook for the students and an essential reference for engineers. …All will enjoy the book and will dip into it many times. …The author is to be specially commended for having assembled such a set of chapters for the production of the volume that will be of inestimable value to the target audience, besides being also enormously valuable in a difficult situation as an immediate on-the-spot reference to those already well immersed in the field. … No one writing about this subject for students in future, will be able to ignore this graceful and probing book so imaginatively organized.

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