Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering: A Systems Approach by David Kazmer pdf free download

Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering: A Systems Approach by David Kazmer pdf free download


Plastics manufacturing is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor requiring knowledge related to materials science, physics, engineering, and management. Because of this diversity, the plastics process engineer interacts with many stakeholders, including customers, designers, materials suppliers, machine builders, mold/die suppliers, systems integrators, operators, quality engineers, and managers. With so many stakeholders involved, it isnt surprising that many plastics manufacturing processes are not precisely engineered systems. The resulting processes can be poorly designed, requiring too much investment to achieve too little productivity. This book was written for plastics processing engineers, but it is also highly useful to others involved with plastics manufacturing who are performing process development, research, and even machinery design.


Background. Plastics Manufacturing Systems. Heating and Cooling. Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Electric Drives. Process Sensors. Signal Conditioning. Data Acquisition Systems. Machine Controllers. Process Control. Process Characterization. Process Optimization. Quality Control. Automation.

About the Author

David O. Kazmer (Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University) is the Dandeneau Professor for Sustainable Manufacturing in the Department of Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He performs research and teaches courses related to plastics product and process development.

David Kazmer is President of Kazmer Research LLC and a Professor of Plastics Engineering at UMass Lowell. He is the recipient of more than 10 different recognition awards, an inventor with over 20 patents, and the author of more than 200 publications. His academic work is motivated by industry experiences as an engineer at General Electric and as Director of Research and Development at Synventive Molding Solutions. He is a Professional Manufacturing Engineering licensed in the State of California. His teaching and research are in the areas of systems design, simulation, and optimization with a focus on machinery, sensors, and controls.
<< Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering: A Systems Approach >>
<< Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering: A Systems Approach >>

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