The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin free download

The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin free download


Travel through the history of architecture in The LEGO Architect. You’ll learn about styles like Art Deco, Modernism, and High-Tech, and find inspiration in galleries of LEGO models. Then take your turn building 12 models in a variety of styles. Snap together some bricks and learn architecture the fun way!

First, a disclaimer: I am lucky enough to be in the index of this book. Tom did a builder profile of me for the book, and featured a couple pictures of my LEGO models.

That said, I LOVE this book! Tom did a great job of assembling together a wealth of information about 7 architectural styles of the modern era. It’s not so much as to be an overwhelming read – the whole book reads in about an hour or so. The picture quality is great, both for the LEGO models and the real architectural subjects.

At the end of every chapter is a set of instructions for building your own small-scale building of that architectural style. The instructions are done quite professionally, to the point that they are indistinguishable from official LEGO instructions. Each of these sample builds is done all in white to keep the focus on architectural shapes instead of coloration.

FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC book for Lego lovers. Bought this for my 11 year old son’s birthday, and it is a gem! It gives instructions on how to assemble many of the buildings it features. It was like getting multiple kits in a book. Now we can use some of the bins of Legos we have sitting around and assemble new buildings!! Great book! I recommend!

About the Author

Tom Alphin is a User Experience Program Manager at Microsoft and a passionate LEGO fan.

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